The Firm

Ford & Huff LC enjoys a reputation as one of the most innovative law firms in America. We specialize in matters that require special attention and a high level of sophistication. We are routinely called upon to assist clients with their most sensitive and critical corporate, transactional, and litigation matters. We offer our clients intense and highly individualized focus.

Many of our attorneys cut their teeth at America’s largest and most prestigious law firms, working on the most important cases in American jurisprudence and the preeminent corporate transactions of the modern era. Our Of Counsel and Associate attorneys consistently are among the best and brightest law school graduates from around the country.

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Mission Statement, Vision, Values

It is the mission of Ford & Huff to assist attorneys and clients to achieve worthy goals through innovative means and uncommon devotion.

It is the mission of Ford & Huff to practice law at the highest level of skill and integrity. We go the extra mile for every client in every matter. Within the facts presented to us, the law governing us, and the ethical morals which bind us, we help our clients accomplish their goals. Our client’s issues become our issues as we stand by their side. But for no client and no matter will we compromise integrity.

It is the mission of Ford & Huff to be our brother’s keeper. We are passionate about helping others in need. All of our attorneys have committed to exceeding the American Bar Association’s recommended 50 hours per year of pro bono service.

It is the mission of Ford & Huff to assist attorneys in their pursuit of their personal and professional goals. In addition to our full time partners and associates, we are the pioneer of an Of Counsel program which allows skilled attorneys who choose not to practice full time or in a firm setting the possibility of using their legal knowledge and access to the justice system in a more flexible manner. We invite attorneys of like mind to join us.

It is the mission of Ford & Huff to provide financial security to our families through the practice of law. With no margin, there can be no mission. We make money not as the end of our practice, but as the foundation which allows us to achieve the ends we seek. We will only accept a reasonable and honest fee for the reasonable and honest outlay of our services. We reject the mentality of money first, last, and always, but recognize the need to provide for our firm costs and personal familial expenses. To these ends, we make money.

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